The purpose of this website is to disseminate information about the existing cell phone tower at Landisville Middle School and the proposed cell phone towers at Rohrerstown Elementary School and Centerville Middle School (as referenced at the Hempfield SD Building and Grounds Meeting on May 23, 2017 - 2b and also referenced at the Hempfield Building and Grounds Meeting on July 18th, 2017 - 5 ). The community has done extensive research and we would like to keep everyone apprised of this research. We seek to inform the community of the happenings regarding the Hempfield SD Cell Phone Towers. Much of the supporting documentation is in link form, so please click on the links to read it all. Our group has contacted many experts in the scientific, safety and medical fields and have presented such findings to the Hempfield School Board. Please check this site often for updates as they come in daily.

Expert Findings:

Dr. Booth, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Franklin & Marshall College, has researched on non ionizing radiation.  His very important report was presented to the Hempfield School Board and the East Hempfield Township Zoning Board.  Dr. Booth measured the power density at Landisville Middle School cell tower and found, at several distinct locations, its power density to be FOUR TIMES HIGHER than the absolute maximum promised for the RES tower by Verizon at the EHT Zoning Board Hearings.  This is higher than a cell phone, it is quite high for a cell tower, and there are no contractual checks in place for the RES tower to ensure that power density stays within promised limits.

Dr Anthony B. Miller addresses the Hempfield School Board

Theodora Scarato's presentation to the Hempfield School Board 

Reuters' Report:  Miscarriage Rates Triple for Women with High Exposure

Environmental Health Trust - Science on Cell Phones and Antennae

What Can You Do?           

Sign our Change.org Petition

Attend the School Board Meetings - Meeting Dates

Send Letters to Verizon - Email Verizon Executives

Send a Letter to the Editor - LNP Editor

Write the Hempfield School Board and our Superintendent:

Dr. Adams, Superintendent

Bill Otto, Board President 

Adam Aloisi, Board Vice President

Dan Forry (He has no posted email.)

Mike Donato

Grant Keener

Jim Mauer

Charles Merris

Linda Johnston

Chris Smiley

Sheryl Pursel, Director of Finance Hempfield School District

Mike Bromirski, Assistant Superintendent

Contact our Government Officials:

State Representative Brett Miller 

Senator Ryan Aument 

Congressman Lloyd Smucker

Senator Bob Casey

Senator Pat Toomey

GET OUT AND VOTE for the RIGHT School Board Candidates and the RIGHT government officials this November!

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